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Software solution for Oracle Database. dbTwice works between different editions of Oracle. i.e. from RAC - SE to SE, EE to SE, SE to SE - 1. Its sophisticated architecture maintains a permanent copy of the Oracle Database in a alternate processing center.

dbTwice is an Active Disaster Recovery solution for any, or combination of any editions of Oracle Databases. dbTwice provides mission critical organizations a solution to copy permanently an updated database to an alternate site for contingency plans. The copy could be used to recover from planned and unplanned failures events.

DbTwice provides the DBA with tools that allows, with one-click, to make a Swithover or a Failover, to change the production database to the copy standby database, so mission critical application could continue operating. It's only a matter of minutes to restore the service, of your applications.

Our Support Center 24x7 will provide the necessary assistance at those moments where you need us the most. With dbTwice you are protected from planned events, as installing a patch, or from unplanned events such as deleting a file, or disasters such as failure of the database servers at the production site.

dbTwice support for production and standby site any combination of Oracle editions. So, customer could have in production a EE, RAC EE, or RAC SE, or SE or SE1 and the dbTwice Standby could be RAC SE, SE, SE1.

dbTwice Diagram Graphical Environment

Features Benefits
  • Switchover:Change roles between the copy and production Databases.
  • Failover:Activation of the copy DB as production Database.
  • Compression in the network.
  • Two modes of operation: Best Performance and Best Protection.
  • Application of administrative changes.
  • World Class Support..
  • Protection of events planned as patches and hardware maintenance.
  • Recovery in minutes to contingencies such as physical damage on the server or Database.
  • Low costs of data transmission.
  • Greater protection if your alternate center can be located away of production.  Example: In another city.
  • Protection against human error.
  • Experts at your service 24 hours, seven days a week. Center is technically managed by an Oracle Certified Master (OCM).

Technical specifications:

Platforms Oracle Editions Disk Architecture Oracle Versions
Red Hat Linux RAC Enterprise ASM 10g
Oracle Linux Enterprise Filesystem 11g
HP UX RAC Standard    
Solaris Standard    
IBM AIX Standard One    

The implementation of the solution is done in a period of 2 days which includes testing of Switchover.

Installation enviroment example: (Server's specifications)

Production Database Standby Database
2 hp servers clustered 2 hp servers clustered
Oracle SE with RAC Oracle SE with RAC
Mem 16Gb Mem 8Gb
Fiber storage, 16 HD 72 Gb Fiber storage, 16 HD 72 Gb

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